Archaeology Laboratory

Archaeology Laboratory
New department of archaeology

As of 2023, the ULPGC has the Archaeology Laboratory at its disposal: a modern space for teaching and research located on the Campus de Humanidades, Aulario C (Humanities Campus, in Lecture Room C, formerly Teresa de Jesús HighSchool).

It houses an excellent collection of bones, ceramics and tools from all over the world and from different periods, with which work has been carried out since the 1990s. This represents a boost for the development of archaeology in the Canary Islands, making it possible to attract talent and facilitate the work of researchers.

Inside the facility, there’s a laboratory for the processing of stable isotopes of archaeological samples (which allow us to understand aspects about the diet of people and animals, or if the plants were irrigated and fertilised, for example). The microscopy laboratory (used to study archaeological material and to learn about the petrographic composition of ceramics, mortars or rocks; the signs of use of instruments of all kinds; to identify woody species, seeds and fruits, or insects documented in archaeological sediments and many more applications). It also consists of a laboratory for the processing of archaeological materials and sediments. It also has a large workroom and a storage room.

This centre is funded by the Government of the Canary Islands, according to the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports and the public University.